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Why vineyards?

Climate changes heavily affect the agriculture. It is visible especially in European viticulture. Weather anomalies, droughts, hailstorms - vine-growers have to face them every year.

60% of global wine production is performed in Europe. Traditional wine regions in Europe are the ones that will be negatively affected by climate changes in the nearest future. As the remedy for this problem, scientists recommend vineyard relocation or cultivation of other grape varieties, more suitable to extreme environmental conditions.

Vinum 4.0

Growing vineyard is a long-term investment and process full of hard work. With Vinum 4.0 we want to support vine-growers and vineyard owners.

Vinum 4.0 is a system for vineyards site selection, vineyard monitoring and management. The system is based on satellite and wireless sensors data. The user - vine-grower or vineyard owner is provided with a mobile application and a set of wireless sensors to monitor environmental conditions in the vineyard. We help you to find the most suitable site and to manage your vineyard.

New vineyard

Site selection is the most important step in setting up a vineyard. Site greatly determines which grape variety is suitable to grow, and impacts crop and fruit quality. Consequently, success or failure of the vineyard highly depends on site selection.


Existing vineyard

Grapevine cultivation requires year-long care, which has to be closely related to plants growth and environmental conditions. Hence, continuous monitoring of the vineyard is a significant support for vine-grower.

Site selection

We find the most suitable sites for a new vineyard with satellite data and big data technologies.


In order to determine the factors affecting the terroir, we provide comprehensive environmental conditions analysis.


Our system provides you with real-time data regarding current conditions in your vineyard and reliable weather forecast.


You are notified of possible adverse weather conditions and a need of irrigation or fertilisation.


You are provided with historic data and statistical information about your vineyard.


Our innovative wireless sensor devices provide continuous monitoring of the vineyard.



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